Articulated Void Octopus


From the darkest deeps of the ocean come this Void Octopus, designed by the brilliant mind at Cinderwing3D and printed by Dad Man Trading under commercial license,  the toy comes articulated through all of it’s tentacles being moveable and flexible, the body sitting snuggly in the palm of your hand for enhanced sensitivity and enjoyment from playing.

Through our Printables range we aim to offer parents low-cost articulated toys that their kids can play with, manoeuvre or have a collection of.

  • Made from PLA.
  • Printed at 10 x 6cm (approx).

Are you or your child after the extra craft challenge? Order your print in white and paint it to your liking with your very own acrylic paint.

Please Note: While every care has been made during the printing process, there might be some slight cosmetic imperfections which do not affect its functionality.

Designed by Cinderwing and printed by Dad Man Trading under a commercial license.