Tianlong Articulated Dragon


Even wingless a beast shall fly above the rest. The Tianlong dragon is known as the “heavenly dragon” a flying dragon in Chinese mythology and a star in Chinese astrology.

Printed under commercial license by Dad Man Trading this toy comes articulated through 19-separate links from head-to-toe, including it’s legs ensuring its flexibility and  movability, the toy sitting snuggly in the palm of your hand for enhanced sensitivity and enjoyment from playing.

Through our Printables range, Dad Man Trading aims to offer parents low-cost articulated toys that their kids can play with, manoeuvre or have a collection of. This toy is made from environmentally friendly material known as PLA.

The toy is printed at 14 x 5cm approximately.

Please Note: While every care has been made during the printing process, there may be some slight cosmetic imperfections which do not affect its functionality.

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