Sink Your Teeth into Dinosaurs!

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Finally – your chance to become a dinosaur dentist. Peek between the jaws of 20 deadly dinosaurs! Could you identify a T-Rex from its jaws? Do you know what a brontosaurus tooth looks like? Which dino had the biggest teeth? Who had the most powerful bite? And which dino had no teeth at all? Peek into the mouths of 20 different dinosaurs to find out. (Please be very careful.) Plus: make your own necklace with three replica dino teeth. Feel the power of a dinosaur’s bite!

A thrilling close-up look at 20 incredible dinosaurs

Includes three replica dinosaur teeth and necklace cord

Incredible colour photos and fact files on each dinosaur

Find out how deadly dinos hunted, fought and attacked

New condition, but may have minor blemishes on the edges of the corner from storage/postage. Please ask for photos.

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