LE: Gemstone Dragon w/ Egg Combo


On offer is our LIMITED EDITION Gemstone Dragon and Egg Combo. With Dragon Eggs not regularly available on Dad Man Trading this Limited Edition release will see you not only receive an Adult and Baby Gemstone Dragon, designed by the brilliant mind of Cinderwing3D and printed under license by Dad Man Trading, but also receiving a containing Egg to keep your new Dragons in.

Get in quick for this remarkable LIMITED EDITION – 1/1 Gemstone Dragon with Egg Combination.

Dad Man Trading will not be offering these beautifully designed Dragon scaled eggs for regular purchase, which makes this Limited Edition Gemstone Dragon with Egg combination such an enticing purchase for anyone interested in our Mystic Range.

By purchasing this Limited Edition Combination you will receive:

From the brilliant creative mind of Cinderwing3D, printed under commercial license by Dad Man Trading, is this 3D Printed Articulated Gemstone Dragon, and Baby Gemstone Dragon toy. Featuring gemstones across it’s scaled back this Lunar Dragon satisfies sensory needs through its complete articulation ensuring continued fun to play with.

Through our Printables range we aim to offer parents low-cost articulated toys that their kids can play with, manoeuvre or have a collection of. Dad Man Trading offers you the opportunity to select the colours of all separate parts of your toy creating it in the colour scheme that you think your child would enjoy the most.

  • Made from environmental friendly PLA material.
  • Printed to Order meaning it will take between 2-5 business days before it is ready to ship.

Please Note: While every care has been made during the printing process, there might be some slight cosmetic imperfections which do not affect its functionality.


Designed by Cinderwing3D and printed by Dad Man Trading under a commercial license.

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