Endless Never Going to Give You Up Prank Card

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The Ultimate Prank Valentine’s Day Card!

It is time to Rick Roll your Lover with this Prank Valentines Day Card.

At long last, the Rick Astley classic, “Never Gonna Give You Up,” is here! The song loops non-stop (3+hours) , open or closed, until the battery dies, glitter inside if you rip it apart.

These prank cards come NOT ACTIVATED so that you have a chance to sign the card and send it off to your lover.


Instructions for use:

Step 1 – Open the card and add your personal love message.  The song will play when opened so you can hear the tune!

Step 2 – Close the card and place into the envelope. PULL (do not tear or rip) the safety tab out of the card. Your card is now activated.

Step 3 – Gift to your lover (victim) and get ready to laugh hysterically when they open and realise the sound will never stop!

Step 4 – Let them know the sound will only stop if they break it apart and destroy the speaker.  Continue rolling on the floor in laughter as they are covered in glitter!

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