Endless Macarena Prank Card

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The Ultimate Celebration Prank Card!

Once activated & opened, this card will play Macarena song non-stop! There is NO off button so it will play until the battery dies (3+hours) or it’s broken. If they decide to break it and stop the lovely noises, we’ve filled it with glitter! You’re welcome!

These prank cards come NOT ACTIVATED so that you have a chance to sign the card and send it off to your friend, family or enemy!

Instructions for use:

Step 1 – Open the card and add your personal message. You can also test the sound with the press button.

Step 2 – Close the card and place into the envelope. PULL (do not tear or rip) the safety tab out of the card. Your card is now activated.

Step 3 – Gift to your friend (victim) and get ready to laugh hysterically when they open and realise the Macarena will never stop!

Step 4 – Let them know the sound will only stop if they break it apart and destroy the speaker.  Continue rolling on the floor in laughter as they are covered in glitter!


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